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Malis Spa

Malis Spa, Overlooking the Khmer-inspired swimming pool which has an immaculate treatment rooms in red & white Khmer tile, focusing strongly on therapeutic Khmer techniques using organic products. A peaceful haven of tranquility, experience the luxury of complete serenity and restore your sense of wellbeing.

A light and healthy fresh Khmer herb offering as refreshment on complements all of our Spa Packages.

Not just today that Malis flowers are used to serve for most of the special ceremonies in the Royal Residence or in the high-end families, it has happened since thousands of years. The boutique has them grown around the premise. Malis becomes the name of our Spa ‘Malis Spa’, so that our residents are to have that feeling of comfort and make life healthier. Champey and Champa flowers are other symbolic of the Khmer, it refers to a beautiful and talented lady, and the old also like to name their daughters. Here Champey Bar would bring attention of all our resident to enjoy snacks and drink when relaxing by the pool; Champa Café offers specialties of various Khmer cuisines, Western Set Menu or A La Carte Menu of your choice which is presented by our initiative chef.

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Therapeutics Massage Duration Price
Traditional Massage 60 mins 10$
  90 mins 13$
  120 mins 17$
Traditional Massage with Oil 60 mins 12$
  90 mins 15$
  120 mins 20$
Head Massage 30 mins 8$
  60 mins 11$
Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage 30 mins 10$
  60 mins 13$
Aromatherapy Massage 60 mins 15$
  90 mins 20$
  120 mins 25$
Swedish Massage 60 mins 17$
  90 mins 23$
  120 mins 29$
Khmer Steamed with Herbal Bag 90 mins 22$
Foot and Shoulder Massage 60 mins 10$
  90 mins 12$
Reflexology Foot Massage 60 mins 7$
  90 mins 10$
Body Scrubs, Moisturizing Duration Price
Aroma Sea Salt Body Scrub 60 mins 20$
Green Teas Body Scrub  60 mins 25$
Multi Fruit Scrub  60 mins 25$
Body Scrub with Ponley 60 mins 25$
U&Me Winely Body Scrub  60 mins 30$
Body Wrapping  120 mins 35$
Facial Treatment Duration Price
Facial 60 mins 20$
Head and Feet Therapy Duration Price
Classic Manicure Onetime 5$
Classic Pedicure Onetime 6$
Classic Manicure and Pedicure Onetime 10$
Hand Spa with Multi Vitamin Onetime 8$
Food Spa with Multi Vitamin  Onetime  10$
Hand and Foot with Multi Vitamin Onetime 14$
Waxing   Duration  Price 
Eyebrows  Onetime 2$
Lip  Onetime  3$
Chin  Onetime  3$
Under Arm  Onetime  7$
Full Arm  Onetime  13$
Full legs  Onetime  20$
Half Legs  Onetime  15$
Bikini Onetime 10$
Chest Onetime 15$
Back Onetime 20$
U& Me Packages Duration Price
U& Me Spa Wellness 
Foot Spa with multi vitamin
Body Scrub with green tea or ponley
Aromatherapy Massage
120 mins 42$
U & Me Enjoy Together (for couple)
Foot Spa with multi vitamin
Body Scrub with green tea or ponley
Swedish Massage 
120 mins  72$