Petit Villa Boutique & Spa - Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
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Warmest Welcome from Petit Villa Boutique & Spa


Petit Villa Boutique & Spa

The "Petit" means small, the Boutique concept derive from a most significant remaining Khmer architecture in the world of Angkor Wat Temples built in 4 icon: earth, water, fire,air. The Petit Villa Boutique & Spa is a place where you are treated so well, yet with un-condition of care.

This tranquil villa offers a multitude of relaxing opportunities within its Petit garden, swimming pool surrounded by bamboo tropical garden, jasmine flower, frangipani, Champa flower with a shaded for alfresco delights; the Champa Cafe offered wide range of khmer cuisine and wester alike.

The 7 suites are decorated in a classic Khmer contemporary, pristine white, dark khmer tile with private balcony, high ceiling, a khmer contemporary bathroom design reminded of 60s conceptualized architecture.

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Petit Villa Boutique & Spa